DCP Accessories

The DCP System is available with a number of different accessories including CAN Bus Splitter, Inductive Loop and Universal Power Supply.


Digital Audio Unit

The Digital Audio Unit (DAU) is mounted behind the car operating panel (COP) and works when connected to the DCP. The DAU is connected to the DCP by a 4-wire CAN Bus which provides power and communication.

CAN Bus Splitter

The CAN Bus splitter allows the DCP to connect to more than two Digital Audio Units (including Pit variant)

Inductive Loop

The inductive loop provides EN81-70 compliance for hard of hearing passengers. The amplifier component is connected to the DAU with 3 different options.

Universal Power Supply

Mounted in motor room and used to power DCP (which in turn drives whole DAU system through the CAN Bus connections)

Triphony Unit

The Triphony unit can be installed on the top or bottom of the lift car and is a external emergency phone point allowing communication between different points of the lift shaft.